[OST] ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~


Catalog Number
Release Date Dec 06, 1998
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2625 JPY
Media Format MP3
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by Nexton/Tactics
Composed by Orito Shinji (Key), Yoshizawa Tsutomu, M.S, Ishisan, OdiakeS (Key)
Link Vgmdb http://vgmdb.net/album/5005

Track List:

On Your Mark (オンユアマーク)
02 Daily Leisure Time (日々のいとまに)
03 Dash! Girls (走る!少女たち)
04 Maiden’s Wish (乙女希望)
05 8 Cats (8匹のネコ)
06 Path of a Rainbow Sighting (虹をみた小径)
07 Innocent Smile (無邪気に笑顔)
08 Afternoon of the Roaring Tide (潮騒の午後)
09 Victory Pose (勝利のポーズ)
10 Ladylike Appearance (見た目はお嬢様)
11 White Like Snow (雪のように白く)
12 Reminiscence (追想)
13 Flickering Lights (ゆらめくひかり)
14 Sea Roars (海鳴り)
15 Rain (雨)
16 Eternity (永遠)
17 False Tempest (偽りのテンペスト)
18 A Tair
19 Distant Gaze (遠いまなざし)
20 To a Shining Season (輝く季節へ)
21 RADIO CM (20sec.)
22 To a Shining Season – Piano (Arrange Version)
23 Reminiscence (Arrange Version)

Download: 80.76 MB

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